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Working together to combat crime and promote safety in our community.

What is Safe Poway?

Why Participate?

How to Participate

You can participate in Safe Poway by participating as a registered user or exclusive user.

Registered users consist of residential or commercial users who have existing security cameras and choose to register with Safe Poway. The registry will help the Sheriff's Department identify your particular location as having cameras that we can ask for content from should the need arise. There is no cost to become a Registered user. If you wish to become a registered user, click here.

Exclusive users, either residential or commercial, utilize a compatible camera system that is federated with the Sheriff's Department that would allow an authorized Sheriff's representative direct access to your live video content. Depending on your current security system, there may be costs associated with being an Exclusive user. Please contact one of our installers for further information. If you wish to become an exclusive user, click here.

Once a representative gets in contact with you, they will meet with you to perform a site survey and further advise you on options for building a partnership with Safe Poway.


Safe Poway is a tool for the people of Poway. Therefore, the platform’s success lies with the people. That is why we’ve been bringing the pilot platform to the community’s attention in a phased approach: starting in its conceptual phase (soliciting community feedback), to the development stage, and ultimately, it’s launch phase.

Click here for a copy of the presentation
   to the Poway City Council


Safe Poway offers a unique partnership between the San Diego County Sheriff's Department and the public. The Sheriff's Department currently manages pole-mounted public safety cameras throughout Poway that allow deputies to actively monitor them when responding to a call for service in the affected area. However, we cannot do it alone. The Sheriff's Department needs the public’s help to increase its network of coverage. Participating in Safe Poway allows you to play a role in public safety and sends a clear message that you want to do your part to help make Poway a safer place to live, work, and visit.
Safe Poway is your opportunity to partner with the Sheriff's Department to improve varied public safety concerns including criminal activity. Additionally, thanks to the ability to be immediately accessed by deputies responding to a call for service, participating in Safe Poway offers a second set of eyes on the ground in real-time, precisely when and where it’s needed. As a Safe Poway participant, you may choose to explore the potential for a financial incentive, such as an insurance policy discount.
Estimated costs associated with participating in Safe Poway will depend on whether you have an existing surveillance system, the quality of that system, and whether or not it can be migrated into the Safe Poway platform. All payments are handled directly with your chosen installer and are not managed by the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, or the city of Poway.
You own any cameras that you purchase, and you will have access to your live footage on your mobile device, laptop, etc. through a personal account (included in the monthly cloud storage fee). The Sheriff's Department will be able to access the footage through the cloud platform on an as-needed basis (based on incidents as reported to the 9-1-1 Center).
The Sheriff's Department only accepts/integrates privately-owned cameras that YOU select which provide footage of exterior, public-facing views. Also, although your camera system may record the video footage, the Safe Poway platform will NOT.
A Safe Poway sign and window decal are available free of charge to any participant of the program indicating that the property is integrated with the San Diego County Sheriff's Department.
Most camera systems come with a two- or three-year manufacturer's warranty. Your selected installer should be able to provide you with more details concerning repair costs that may not be covered by your warranty.
Yes. The list of Genetec Stratocast Cloud supported devices can be found here. You may discuss details about your camera options and pricing directly with your chosen installer.
Some existing cameras may be compatible for Safe Poway integration with determination made on a case-by-case basis. For example, an encoder may be used to convert analog cameras for integration to the Safe Poway platform. You may discuss details regarding existing cameras with your selected installer.
The Sheriff's Department will not save any video footage provided by the system. All saved footage will be the property of the camera owner. The length of time it is saved for is dependent on the individual camera system.
The Sheriff's Department recognizes the importance of the public's fundamental right to privacy, specifically as it relates to the use of video technology and its integration with law enforcement's duty to protect and provide safer communities. The use of any video federation and integration system is an important tool in combating crime and can serve as a force multiplier for law enforcement in densely populated areas, as well as vast rural communities. The use of a video integration system in any public area must balance the need to protect the safety of our communities, while ensuring that the public's right to privacy is safeguarded. All employees who utilize or access the video integration system shall complete training on use of the system and the need to safeguard the privacy rights of the public. Additionally, all employees are responsible for knowing and complying with this policy and procedure. Please review our policy and procedure (6.136) here: Procedure Section 6.136 Video Federation and Integration

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